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10 Reasons Which Made Congress To Win MP Election. 8th One Will Shock You.

The results of the elections in the states of Madhya Pradesh as expected or as predicted? Yes and no. I am personally aware of the organizational strength of the BJP in the state, but very clear that if the people change their mind, nothing can prevent them from expressing their view. As you saw the results of Madhya Pradesh. It was also surprising. Here are the 10 reasons which made Congress win Madhya Pradesh election. Rahul Gandhi vs Modi 1. Think for Poor People Congress reaches out to poor people. They find out what problems they were facing and gave a solution to that. BJP works for a few rich people and ignores farmers and other section of society. Rahul Gandhi said “If the decision will harm the interests of the poor, I never go ahead with its implementation. On the other hand, the BJP thinks whether its decisions will benefit the rich”. 2. Meets deceased farmer’s family Congress party President Rahul Gandhi visited the deceased farmer’s family. He interacts with them, understands their problems and solved it. The way he used to seat with people, they used to like it. People were looking out his personality. 3. Set to move a no-trust motion against Modi government To make things more difficult for the government, opposition leaders of eight political parties, including the Congress set to move a no-trust motion against Modi government. They made strategies against Modi. 4. Use of Social Media Everyone knew how digital marketing helps Modi to win the election. Congress party was looking into it. They planned against BJP. Rahul Gandhi and his team were active on social media. They connected with the people by means of social media. He and his team using social media and other social networking channels for promotions. 5. Focused on the people below Poverty Line Narendra Modi visited many countries. Protests by farmers, jobs, rapes, malnutrition and poor roads are major issues. He was unable to concentrate on everything. On 8 November 2016, the Government of India announced the demonetization of? 500 and? 1000 banknotes. It also announced the news ? 500 and ? 2000 banknotes in exchange for the demonetized banknotes. People seeking to exchange their banknotes had to stand in long queues, and several deaths were linked to the rush to exchange cash. 6. Strong Leadership Congress strong leadership quality helps them to stand strong in the election. Rahul Gandhi displayed his quality to lead the party or connect with the electorates. He improved his communication skills. He showed his convincing power. Congress inspired worker and public at largescale. They fight against criticism. 7. Democratic Rahul Gandhi has strong views on democratizing party structures and involving workers in the party’s decision-making process, but these are, at best, long-term strategies. On the other hand, they wanted solutions which would help them to win the election. 8. Viral News on social media channels Social media is the biggest weapon to win the race. Rahul Gandhi increased his online presence. Nowadays, every people connect with a social media platform. Congress used every platform where people engagements were more. He shared his opinion on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. 9. Run Campaign Congress ran an election campaign. In contrast to the BJP’s slogan “Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkar”, the congress message “Har haath shakti, Har haath tarakki” 10. Interact with public Rahul Gandhi explores villages. Congress used to interact with the public. They spend more time with them. While communicating with the people he came to know problems. He gave promises to the public that whatever problem they were facing that would overcome if the selected him. He got people into his influence. People faith on him and now you can see the result.