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New Things In Digital In 2019

In this New Year, the digital world received many important updates as presents. From many social media platform like YouTube stories, LinkedIn’s location sharing update to Instagram’s music sharing and countdown option, we have had some amazing updates. I like to use these new things. You should get familiarized with these updates and try them now. 1. Instagram introduced a new option to share stories with chosen friends to share stories with chosen friends Now, if you want to share your Instagram Stories with chosen friends only, you can, which could encourage users to more freely and regularly share quick updates. Instagram has added a new option that will enable people to restrict the audience for their Instagram Stories. 2. Countdown stickers on Instagram stories Instagram has added a new ‘Countdown’ sticker for your Instagram stories, which displays a timer for a chosen event. The real highlight of this update is, when you tap on the sticker, they will be given the option to either set a reminder for when the countdown ends or to share the countdown with their followers. The interesting thing is, you can change the color of this sticker. 3. Instagram introduced voice messages like WhatsApp Instagram introduced voice messages like WhatsApp? Instagram now lets you send voice messages to your followers. To send a voice message on Instagram, it is just like WhatsApp. Open new conversation then, press and hold the microphone icon, and record your message. 4. Instagram adds new music sharing option via Question Sticker Does Instagram add new music sharing option via Question Sticker? Now you can share songs with friends via the question sticker on Instagram stories. You can choose a song directly from the music library to share with your follower and tap the play button to listen to the songs. When it is shared back in the story with an image or video, the music will play on the background. 5. Facebook brings watch to desktop Does Facebook bring the watch to a desktop? Facebook notes that 75 million users daily are spending at least one minute on Watch. Facebook has launched Facebook Watch on the desktop. 6. Facebook adds Boomerang and Selfie Mode tools to Messenger Does Facebook add Boomerang and Selfie Mode tools to Messenger? Facebook has added three new camera tools to Messenger, giving people more options to help share their festive moments – the Boomerang mode, the Selfie mode with a blurred background to put the focus on the face. 7. YouTube launched its own version of stories YouTube has launched ‘YouTube Stories’. It is same as the stories options we are used to on Instagram, SnapChat except that it will last for 7 days on a profile. 8. YouTube adds Autoplay Videos The digital video leader has announced that videos on its home tab in both Android and iOS apps will now autoplay, muted and with captions. 9. Facebook updates Life Events with new features Does Facebook update Life Events with new features? Facebook is updating its ‘Life Events’ listings with new, interactive features and a new section on user main profile page. 10. LinkedIn adds Location Sharing option to messaging LinkedIn has introduced a new addition to its messaging functionality which enables users to share their location, or a location nearby, to meet up.