Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is well known as online marketing, email marketing is an important element of digital marketing; email marketing is one of the effective ways to attract new customers and keep in touch with existing ones.

Brainnrgic is the leading Digital Marketing Agencies in Pune & Mumbai that provides email marketing services. Our Email Marketing Services in Pune & Mumbai designed to be more effective and responsive in order to give our clients profitability.

Our email marketing campaigns are accurate, creative, cost-effective and result-oriented. We at Brainnrgic are dedicated toward providing you the best and most efficient email marketing services that will bring you desired results.

Benefits of Our Email Marketing Services:

  • Increase your company brand awareness and improve customer relationships.
  • Connect, engage, and interact with your target customers on a regular basis.
  • Increase more leads and conversion.
  • Fast and easy campaigns can save you valuable time and money.
  • Quick creation of email newsletters and HTML or NON HTML email campaigns
  • High-performance mail servers for your email marketing campaign.
  • Our campaigns assure that there are no spams or bounces to the campaign.
  • Our personalized messaged are send personally, while addressing to receipt by his/her name.
  • We have specialized strategies for bulk emails per day.
  • All our emails are compatible with all mobile and tablet devices.

Why Brainnrgic for Email Marketing Services:

Brainnrgic is the leading Email Marketing Service Provider Company in Pune and Mumbai; we provide the best email marketing services to our clients by offering them unique email marketing campaigns.

We choose the innovative methods and strategies that will work according to your business objective.

Our email marketing services are designed to be cost-effective and response efficient so that you can receive maximum benefit.

Our campaigns will promote your business and will help to advertise your brand effortlessly to a large section of users.

As the most reliable Email Marketing Company in Pune and Mumbai, we offer bulk emailing service that can help you to reach masses in a short time with a high delivery rate.

We have various email marketing packages comprises of everything you need to track, send, create and build profit from email marketing.

Main Features of Email Marketing:

  • Import / Export contacts
  • Mailing list creation
  • Compiling and Mailing list creation
  • Track and manage campaigns